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General provisions:
Location location shooting range: Estonia, Narva str. Tehase, 7, 20104.
Mode of operation of Tyre: from 11.00 to 19.00, on the weekend from 9.30 to 17.30.
Manual shooting gallery reserves the right without prior notice to visitors and members of the shooting range to adjust the schedule and make changes in the activity of the shooting range.
Terms of Tyre are uniform for all visitors.
In the case of violations of the visitor rules of public order or endangering the life, health staff and other visitors, as well as in other cases, the management of the shooting range the right to refuse service to any visitor to or remove it from the territory of Tyre, at any time, without explanation and compensation costs incurred visitor .
Tir administration is not responsible for injuries and accidents, received visitors in the territory of Tyre, due to violations of their visitation rights if the legal existence of fault management, which caused the harm is not defined in the came into force of the court.
Tir administration is not responsible for the safety of all visitors valuables left unattended or lost on the territory of Tyre.
Manual shooting range has the right to limit the number of visitors in its sole discretion, and without assigning any reasons to deny individuals to enter the territory of Tyre.
Manual shooting range has the right not to pass on the territory of the shooting range or ask to leave the shooting range of persons who are in a state of narcotic, toxic, drug or alcohol intoxication.
In the event of material damage to property Tir visitor guide has the right to oblige him to leave the premises of Tyre, a delay before the arrival of the police.
Tyre caused material damage can be recovered from the guilty persons voluntarily or in court.
A single violation of the rules of safe gun handling in the territory of Tyre, and these Rules visit Tyre, involves the removal of the offender from the class, including the training of fire, or disqualification during competition.
With the dismissal of the person training sessions, disqualification or termination of his membership, the costs produced by such person to pay for services of the club, returned or otherwise not eligible for compensation.
In Tyre prohibited:
be in a state of alcohol, toxic, drug or drugs;
smoking outside designated areas, use, distribute alcoholic beverages, drugs, and not allowed to use drugs;
be aggressively minded persons violating public order;
expressed swearing;
be in the unkempt appearance;
stay with pets;
pass from Tyre interior, ammunition, weapons, sports equipment and other items that are the property of Tyre;
place ads, promotional materials, conduct surveys and distribute goods without the written permission of administration of Tyre;
disrespect to the manual, trainers, as well as other visitors to the shooting range.
The visitor is obliged to:
be instructed in the technique of safe gun handling and rules of behavior in the dash;
Wear protective goggles and headphones or earplugs and do not remove them until the end of the stay on the territory of Tyre, or until further notice leadership of Tyre;
strictly follow the instructions of the instructor;
Observe safety handling of weapons;
start shooting weapons only after learning of his device, about the interaction of the components, loading and discharging methods, methods aiming and firing;
hold a gun discharged, if it is not used for firing;
charge the weapon only when the instructor;
make sure there is no fire in the direction of objects that can cause rebound;
holding the weapon on firing line so that the barrel is directed towards the target, even if it is not loaded;
being in the firing line, not manufactured and not to aim for subjects unrelated to perform exercise, even if the gun is not loaded;
check the barrels before and after shooting for the presence of foreign objects and remove them if necessary;
open the bolt no earlier than 5 seconds in the case of a misfire, in order to avoid a protracted shot at the open gate;
at the end of the exercise to defuse the weapon present it for inspection instructor, followed by his team to make the descent control and remove it in the holster;
get the weapon from the holster only when the instructor, in his presence, in a safe direction;
transfer arms to another arrow only team instructor, in his presence, in a safe direction;
to stop the shooting, when a fault occurs in small arms, and to inform the instructor;
continue shooting only after the malfunction or replacement of equipment;
return the firearms instructor in good condition after school;
In areas of Tyre prohibited:
remove the goggles, headphones or earplugs while in the dash;
enter the premises of the shooting range, charge the gun and shoot without the presence of an instructor and without his command;
direct the weapon at anyone, even if it is unloaded;
turning the weapon on the firing line away from the direction of fire;
touch the gun when shooting in the area are the people;
be ammunition in the security zone;
use faulty weapons;
use cartridges that are not intended to be fired from a given sample of weapons;
used for shooting faulty cartridges, cartridges expired, Osieczna cartridges or cartridges filled with objects that are not intended for use as submunitions;
self-disassemble, assemble, repair of basic components and mechanisms of arms, to make constructive changes in them;
shooting in a state of alcohol, toxic, drug, narcotic or other intoxication;
enter the premises intended for guidance only shooting range;
leave the area without warning rifle instructor.
Internal rules have been developed based on the requirements of the "Law on Arms ER (RT I 2001, 65, 377)" and the Regulation of the Minister of the Interior of the "Security Requirements for shooting ranges (RTL 2002, 625)." Tyre is a private institution, and the rules can not be challenged visitors to the shooting range.